“What is being watched in your home?”

Believe it or not what you watch and listen to have a huge effect on you.Its like this, when you let up a window you let things flow in so when you watch things such as pornography and listen to music filled with explicit lyrics you are letting bad stuff flowing inside you and you don’t want bad things inside of you.

Our mind is what captures these things and a mind is like a computer it can be brand new but if you store enough junk inside it will eventually be no more good.

I was on Christian Post the other day and I saw something that startled me . The headline said , ” Americans are addicted to pornography.” Now you’re probably thinking that’s not true I know plenty of people who don’t watch pornography.

Pornography is defined as : Printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity. Have you noticed that commercials are starting to be more and more “visual?” Don’t be surprised in 10 more years when commercials start to get too “visual”.

I wasn’t born in the 1980s but on a lot of commercials their starting to show old commercials and new commercials all in one.

Each year the commercials get more and more revealing . Why? Because no one is doing anything about it.

Commercials that used to come on late at night are now coming on in the evening . Times are changing true, but that doesn’t mean your child has to change with the time. So just keep in mind to make sure that whats being watched in your home is benefiting not deteriorating.


5 thoughts on ““What is being watched in your home?””

  1. i wish who ever invented pornography could be spanked. very bad, and i don’t like the way it takes human beings and exploits them in any other way but a child of God


  2. Yes, agree on that, and not only pornography per se, but also in the commercials and ads here in Sweden. Just walking into a shop (HM, Lindex and whatever their name) I have to see almost naked women and even children! But the strange thing is, there is a dresscode down town Stockholm, prohibiting guys to come in shorts or white shoes after sun down during summer. Strange times we live in and a double standard that is.


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