Choosing Friends Wisely

You know the old saying , ” One bad apple spoils the whole pack.” That’s so true and you should keep that same saying in mind when choosing friends.

If you surround yourself around people who only gossip and try to find something wrong in everybody else s life then you cant expect to be too successful. Some people are successful and still hang around a bunch of spoiled apples but its the inside that’s not successful and when your messed up inside ( your mind, thought process, etc.) you’re not successful.

If your friends are talking about everyone’s else life and their life isn’t to well put together then more than likely you need to change who you hang around.  Really this was supposed to be like 5 pages but I will talk more about this subject later on.

“If who you’re hanging around are not benefiting you , you need to find new people to hang around with.”

If you are a smoker and you hang around with people who don’t smoke it will be easier for you to stop smoking because you have people around you to help you stop smoking. On the other hand if you are not a smoker and you hang around a lot of smokers pretty soon you’re going to be a smoker. Someone might find what I just said a bit silly but technically and scientifically if you inhale smoke its like you’re smoking anyway so you might want to make some changes there!

So remember if you’re hanging around people who are doing negative things like (cheating on their spouse, shop lifting, cheating on tests and or quizzes, have premarital sex, destroy property, rob, etc. ) more than likely you’re going to find your self doing some of these activities or imagining yourself doing them and a thought is as powerful as lava so your thoughts are one of the many things you should keep clean.


Thanks for taking the time to read my postings, please share with others and enjoy!


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