A lot of people now days don’t read the Nutrition labels on what their eating. That’s a proven fact, they just think that it’s just their to waste ink.
Well if you don’t read the nutrition labels it’s about time you start because if you read the stuff and actually took science classes you’ll know that some of that stuff is used to kill bugs.
McDonald’s was on the news recently announcing that they were going STOP using a pink chemical that IS USED IN FERTILIZER.
Although there isn’t a nutrition label on a burger label you should at least google it.
Skittles for instant has pork inside now would you know that nope because they complicate the words so much on the label that it impossible to even know what that stuff means!
The point of this post is that you should be informed on the label because everything that you eat or drink will catch up with you, this is a fact not my opinion!
By eating better you’ll even look better and when you look good you feel good about yourself and your organs will love you to because they are being fed right!

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