Be Happy with yourself

A lot of times people say they wish they were more this and more that but the truth is , you should be happy with yourself!

usually when people aren’t happy with themselves shy have lower self-esteems than they have to go spend a ridiculous amount of money and pay it to a psychiatrist who is telling you the same thing the title is saying!

Everybody isn’t the same . This world has over 5 billion people in it so therefore you have different personalities! If everybody was the same then a whole lot of stuff wouldn’t have been accomplished.

Let me use two MADE UP fiction characters for example. Andy is outgoing and he is one of the most popular guys at his school ,but Bryan on the other hand is a book-worm, has a lot of friends not as outgoing.

Bryan worships Andy inside his head for his ability to be cool but he doesn’t know that people are crazy about him and they look up to him for his ability to be himself.

Years pass by and Bryan ends up getting his ph.d. in health stuff and ends up being the top doctor in California but Andy on the other hand has 4 baby mammas and 10 kids and he doesn’t know where his next meal is going to come from.

Andy thought that having a lot of out-of-wedlock kids was cool since he always looked up to his friends and they were doing the same thing as well.

One day Andy saw Bryan on t.v. advertising his band new office and he found out that Bryan was now a multi-millionaire for making this new vaccine!

Do you see Andy and Bryan’s situation??!! There are a lot of those now days and until people start loving themselves for who they are they may be in Andy’s situation{not as bad of a situation though}.

So take note that Bryan never tried to imitate Andy!!! He just realized that he loved himself.

Part 2 coming soon!!

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