The State of the Union

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The State of the Union was awesome! Obama told us things that the news didn’t even report. The congress wanted to quit one industry but Obama the president people seem to hate so much for some reason kept on to it.


He created over 1 million jobs since he has been in their and before he got elected 4 million were lost.


People just amaze me at how negative they can be towards the good things and as soon as he got done speaking the Republicans ( not talking bad about them because I’m one) started talking negative about him!


Come on now people lets come together and put aside our differences! We need to all come together and help rebuild together. The news especially Fox news is so biased and they only support one party group but we need a news station that tells from both sides.

Obama has done so much for this country and for these sorry people, from both parties, to make him look bad they are pathetic.

I can only imagine how their lives are.


Remember do your research before you vote because too many people vote for a person because of their promises they claim they will do but they never do them.

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