Being the Head not the tail

I recently was reading an article about one of the wives on The Real Housewife and I noticed she is now selling something very inappropriate and I don’t even see how it made news. They claim the reason why people are going to but it is because it’s a trend.

That word, trend ,stuck out to me. It stuck out to me because that means we live in a society where people have to do things because everyone is doing them and that’s dangerous.. The old saying is, ” If everybody else jumps off the bridge are you going to do it to?”

The scary part about it is that we do live in a society where people follow instead of lead and there are some brilliant people out their in the world who are following but instead of following they could be the person who finds the cure for cancer!!

Let me use one thing that has a lot of followers! Sexting has a lot of followers. Sexting is sending seductive pictures of yourself to anyone , usually a boyfriend or girlfriend. Its nothing different from pornography and what people don’t know is that people forward those pictures so sexting isn’t the smartest thing to do .. SO DONT DO IT….

Another thing people are starting to do is sagg in some parts of te country. That is freaking disgusting and whoever does it must have some sort of issue… No one wants to see your draws….

So the next time you do something because someone else does it just remember it’s not  right and be a follower not a leader because remember, “No one could be a better you.”


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