President &Politics

Its funny how everytime around this year people run for president and they make a million promuises they know they cant make. People still get fired up for every word they say and once they get elcted they dont do a singlek thing.Its really insane when you think about it because people keep electing people that arent doing anything but becomign richer by the second.
The current president, Barack Obama, has some good ideas for this country and he is one of the best presidents weve had in a long time but congress has blocked at least 31 of his bills!!!
I dont see congress makign any new jobs or decreasing the job rate but every other week they reject his bill . I guess thats why their approval rate is 11%.
People of evry nation and evry tongue need to be informed about politics and al of the parties( Democrats, Republicans, etc.) . If you just know about one you dont know about the other so be informed before you vote…
Whatever you do dont just vote based on the canidates race, looks,etc.. Yes people do that and thats why they get poor results!
So just keep this stuff in mind.

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