Your thoughts control your behavior

People now days don’t seem to understand that your thoughts do control your behavior.

If you think crazy thoughts then your behavior will never be good.

I don’t think people realize that they have full control over their thoughts and no one else can control your thoughts.

It’s just this simple if you want to act as if someone controls your thoughts , you should be considered dangerous.

So whenever a bad thoughts pop up in your mind you can minimize it . THE MIND IS JUST LIKE A COMPUTER.

If you program junk and download nasty files than you get nasty thoughts ,actions, and attitudes.

You don’t have to practice having bad thoughts because that comes naturally. You do have to practice thinking good thoughts and that’s imperative for a successful life because without good thoughts there aren’t good actions.

πŸ™‚ 😦

So just remember your thoughts can either make you happy or sad.


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