Controlling your emotions

So many people are in jail now because they don’t know how to control their emotions. Your emotions are meant for you to control not for them to control you. So many people take people’s lives because they say they were mad. That brings me to the first point. ANGER.

Anger will do nothing for you so just keep that ion mind. Too ma ny live have been lost because someone couldn’t keep their temper and they started doing crazy things.

If you have a crazy thought you need to dismiss it IMMEDIATELY because you are in control of your thoughts not someone else.

If you’re angry at someone just let it go. Life is too precious to waste it on b.s. The last time I checked their wasn’t a medical discovery that told people who anger helps you live longer. ANGER CUTS your LIFE due to high blood pressure and UNNECESSARY STRESS.

The second emotion I want to talk about is happiness. HAPPINESS is YOUR CHOICE 🙂.A lot of people don’t know that. NEVER LET ANYONE RUIN YOUR DAY. Just move on and pray that it doesn’t bother you too much.

Happiness keeps life SWEET and anger keeps it SOUR.

For some odd reason people seem to have a problem with people smile. Let me tell all of you don’t like to smile people. This is a free country and even if it wasnt YOU CAN STILL SMILE.

No one wants to go round life frowning.Another thing I want to mention is FROWNING MAKES PERMANENT WRINKLES. I don’t care if you’re a man or woman no one wants to have unnecessary wrinkles on their face everybody wants to look good.

Plus it takes more muscles to frown then to smile, so keep that in mind.

The final emotion I want to talk about is fear.




It Satan’s assistant basically because WE ALL KNOW THAT the devil is here on earth to : steal, kill, and destroy.

Fear has one objective and that’s to ruin your life and having too much fear can lead to one more emotion and that’s depression {I already posted something about depression check it out !}

These are the emotions that millions of people world-wide are struggling with and if you’re one of them or know one of them I advise you to buy this book for them or yourself. It’s really good to have and if you think you have all of your emotions under control more than likely you don’t. So click on one of the lines and the link should pop up and if it doesn’t let me know.

Please leave a reply I would love to see what you think,

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