According to Merriam-Webster the definition of the word grudge is :A persistent feeling of ill will or resentment resulting from a past insult or injury.

Holding on to things in the past will only kill you slowly , I know this I’ve seen it happen.

Holding on to grudges will get you nowhere in life and I wish people of all races,tongues, nations, etc. would get that concept.

Holding grudges (it leads to evil doing),which is basically holding hatred ruins your health over time. It messes with your nerves and your nerves are connected all over your body.

A lot of times hold grudges over the silliest things like a relationship . Their was this situation that was between two women and one womans stole the other woman man and she held her grudge over that woman so long that she ended up blowing up part of the womans house with some sort fo bomb.

Do you see what grudge holding gets you?? JAIL TIME…..

It may make you feel powerful but all you are doing is giving the person you hold a grudge over power. Do you want to know how you are giving them power??

By thinking about them. Youre thinking about what they did to you and that means they are on your mind.

You can forgive them although it may be hard but in the long-term its worth it because grudges are CHILDISH.

I learned this concept two years ago from watching Joyce Meyer and the people who I had grudges over actually turned out to be friends!

Well look at that an enemy now a friend!

So just keep this in mind because once you let go ALL your grudges you fill so much better inside and you’ll have a peace of mind!

Check out Joyce Meyer she has her own website and the stuff she preaches on is very helpful because she went through a lot and everybody can benefit from watching her and she had 2 podcasts one when she preaches on the radio and one when shes on t.v. so you can listen to her anytime!

Just click on this line right here and it will pop up.

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