The “old” way of thinking

Jesus said , ” You cant put new wine in old wineskins.” That may sound weird but it simply translates to ,” You cant go to a new level with an old way of thinking .”
That simply means that you cant move forward in your thinking process with thinking the same old ignorant thoughts.

Racism has been called the ” old ” way of thinking , but the question is {Is it really the “old” way of thinking?}.

Their is still racism around today and it is mostly hidden but the wise recognize it like rain!
Alot of people want America to advance but how can we move forward with that ignorant way of thinking.
So just keep this in mind.

One thought on “The “old” way of thinking”

  1. You are right, there is racism still and lots of other isms but I like to think it is getting better. My daughter (at almost 4) asked something about the ‘brown’ person on TV and to her that was actually just a description and the question was about what he was doing. To her skin color means nothing more then hair or eye color. Hopefully she keeps that open mind forever.


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