Since My Baby Left Me

January the 8th is a very special date. It was the day my granny was born, in 1907. Most of you know, she’s no longer here, thus I cannot celebrate her anniversary with her, but this date is one to remember happily.

You might find it stupid, but I’m proud that my granny’s birthday is on the same date as Elvis’ and David Bowie’s.

I really dig Bowie, not that I’m a huge fan, but respect him the most, and there are certain albums not to be ignored at all. His ambiguity, his irresistible gaze, a very personal voice, and compositions, make of him a quite unique character.

But today is Elvis’ day. Period.

If he was still alive, he’d be an adorable 77 yeard old gentleman. Have you ever thought how would he look like? I have an idea, close to Bruce Campbell’s portrait in Bubba…

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