Obama and Politics

A lot of times during this time of year people tend to put all of their hope in politic ans , for some odd reason. Every year both Republican and Democrat candidates make a million promises they know they can’t do!

The news will tell you a million things about a candidate and if they don’t like the candidate they will try to make him look as bad as possible. Obama has done a lot whether you want to believe it or not { YOU CAN VIEW THE POST I PREVIOUSLY POSTED ABOUT HIM TO SEE HIS WHOLE PAGE OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS} and of course Fox news wouldn’t tell you he has tried to pass so many bills but congress keeps blocking them.

Do you see congress with nay bright ideas? I surely dot. Thank God 200,000 jobs were added today in the economy according to the Commercial Appeal.

President Obama hasn’t really go a chance to do anything because of CONGRESS.

Now back o the millions of promises. People really amaze me when they get so hyped up because a shiny shoe , slick haired politician say they will fix America. Hello may I refresh you of how many presidents said that and when they got elected they messed EVERYTHING UP.

Politicians in all parties LIE. Some tell more lies than others.

Mitt Romney supporters gone ahead and vote for him fi you want. I’m not criticizing the man but in his speech on CNN he mentioned nothing about what he can or will do. Do you know what he did?

He criticized Obama!

Personally I would want anyone to be president if they just whine over what such and such has done. For sake Obama went to Harvard . He knows what he is doing PLUS he used to be a lawyer.

So leave him alone and stop getting hyped up over what a politician says he can do .


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