No one can be a better you

So many people now days try to change themselves because they don’t like themselves. You should love yourself how you are and never change who you are to try to benefit someone else. Now days dark-skinned people try to be lighter, short people try to be taller, skinny people try to be bigger, and the list goes on and on.

If people would just realize that no one can be a better them depression would be a thing of the past. When you wish you were something or somebody else you start to feel negative about yourself and you should never feel negative about yourself.

Life is too beautiful to go around trying to change yourself and if you have a friend who doesn’t like you the way you are you need to find you a new friend and make that ” so-called ” friend a thing of the past!

Trying to be something else will fail in the long run because what you were born as you will always be under the make up, clothes, trends, etc.  Once you accept the fact that no once can be a better you, you will start to fill better inside and out. When you start to feel better your health even gets better.

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