Marriage Part 2

Two Days ago I wrote an post on marriage and I said that I was going to write a part 2 . Im just going to refresh your memory on the main pointers on part 1 . On Part 1 I mentioned people having everyone except for their spouse in their marriage and if you do that , that’s just plain wrong. Marriage was designed for man and woman to become one and love each other.

Somehow people now days believe that everybody is supposed to be in your relationship and who ever designed that is wrong. I also mentioned that if you are going to get advice about your marriage make sure you get it from someone who is in a healthy marriage, not someone whose been through 4 divorces.

Now lets get to the second part of this. One of the major problems couples face now days is step children. People are remarrying and they are having to deal with step children. Im not saying step children are a problem but if you dont tell them to respect your new spouse like they would expect their regular parent a problem will occur.

They will talk yo your new spouse like he or she is one of their friends and the step child should be told by the original parent that he or she needs to respect the new spouse. If this is done than that’s one less problem to deal with.

Another issue in marriages is previous relationships. Let me put this out their right now their is no such thing as a friendly divorce , when you divorce you divorce! If you say you are having a friendly divorce then you might as well say that their is a cold sun and wars are friendly.

Once the divorce is final you should no longer talk to each other unless you have children together under the age of 23, the reason I say this is because you might have to discuss the behavior of a child when they are in college or school.

I believe these are the major reasons why today’s marriages aren’t lasting long! If you have any more suggestions why marriages aren’t doing well just type them on the comment box and send them to em and I will be more than happy to add it to my post. This is Part 2 to Part 1 and both of these along with the other ones were written by me. IF YOU GET CONFUSED BY ANYTHING OR BY THE ORDER THIS POST WAS WRITTEN IN JUST COMMENT ON IT AND I WILL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO EXPLAIN.


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