Standardized Testing

Standardized Testing is used to see if a child is ready for the next level in their academic career. In my opinion schools have put to much impact on standardized testing.Everybody is not a good test taker and some people are actually intelligent but they don’t have good test taking skills so this makes them dumb according to test taking skills. Colleges wont even take you now if you don’t have the ideal test scores and if they do take you they will put you in some elementary classes that wont even count towards your 4 years. What Im trying to say is that so much impact shouldnt be put on standardized testing. Please Reply to this if you are in this situation or know someone in it. Everyone who has ever taken a Standardized Test should reply to this. Just tell me how you fell about Standardized Testing and what impact does it have on your life.


Please leave a reply I would love to see what you think,

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