Be careful who you look up to

In today’s society celebrities are worshiped for their lifestyle. Their lifestyle includes: short marriages, drugs/alcohol, and going to jail multiple amount of times for doing the most dumbest things. Our society needs prayer and we need to watch who we look up to. Like 2 months ago Obama was on the news for saying that he didn’t want his daughters watching The Kardashians. I don’t blame him one minute for that. Instead of watching reality shows , which are actually lines they have to say, we need to be watching something to help motivate us and encourage us.

To many people think that they can live the life of a celebrity and be successful. Those celebrities have 5 car garages and they get paid millions to act crazy on t.v.. We need to stop celebrating this lifestyle and move forward to goodness. I am guilty myself because I used to watch reality shows but I woke up and realized that this stuff isn’t true.

If you know someone who watches reality shows and make those actors and actress their idols ,quickly inform them that they need to choose more wise people to be their idols. I’m not saying that the actors on those realty shows aren’t wise but their behavior sure doesn’t show that they have sense!


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