Christians lets stand up for each other–Water-Tower-Cross/

These are times where every Christian of every denomination should be standing up or each other. Atheists, non believers ,are trying to make having a cross up illegal in this city. Do you know what we can do ? We can all come together and rpay about it. T

Thats the way out!!


One thought on “Christians lets stand up for each other”

  1. Today, many Christians are taking on the view that other Christians are “Pharisees”. This charge usually comes from Christians who are liberal in their views.

    The idea among them is to not preach the gospel, but rather, to preach themselves.i.e, .. Look at me and how good I am, instead of Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, He was buried, and He was raised back to life on the third day.

    The idea among them is that If you just live your life right before others, there will be no need to preach the gospel. Others will come to Christ by observing your good and tolerant life instead of preaching the word of God. You don’t want to turn anyone off…

    If we can all come together by preaching the message of the cross and not calling each other names, we’d be powerful indeed.



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