Barack Obama

This is an article that everyone should be sharing with people on all social networks and it should be read by everybody no matter if you are Republican or Democrat, etc..Barack Obama is our current president of the United States and next year will be his re-election. People have got to understand Obama inherited alot of mess when he got in office and everybody wants to blame him for all of our issues.The only reason people are after Barack Obama is because hes African American. America claims that we are over racism but I cant tell by the ignorance of so many racists.If people would get off Obama and let him do his job e could get some things straightened out. I don’t think people realize that if God wants Barack Obama to be in office he will be in office and theirs nothing any man can do about it.

Obama has accomplished alot and you can click on this line and everything that you need will pop up.Just click on the arrow next to the word and everything will come down.

Honestly I knew he had accomplished alot but I didnt know he had accomplished that much!Of course it wont be on the news due to alot of reasons. So the next time someone says Obama has done nothing but create more problems for America give them that website and that should shut them up real quick.

I posted his achievements below so for some odd reason if it didn’t work you can see what our wonderful president has accomplished!

4 thoughts on “Barack Obama”

  1. This is one of the reasons that I will vote for Obama again. He did inherit a great big mess and I think he should have another 4 years to try and straighten it out. Thanks for reading my blog also. I appreciate it!!


  2. Jeremy,

    What I don’t understand is if America is racist, why would they then pick an African American for president? I do agree, though, that there are ignorant racists out there; but more so, there are just plain ignorant people.

    In Oakland, California, there is a recall movement against Jean Quan (who, of course, as you can tell by her last name is Chinese-American). Is it because they are racist?

    As far as I can tell, the disappointment in President Obama is the same disappointment with Jean Quan, more like, we want it fixed NOW kind of mentality. Unfortunately, George W. Bush really messed things up royally, and it is not that easy to fix. Then, of course, President Obama picks Tim Geithner as his Treasury Secretary as well as others who have reached their Peter Principle level, and you have economic chaos.

    Major universities teach Keynesian economics; however, that economic theory needs major revamping, or shall we say, a major rebalancing of Supply side economics and Keynesian economics, not all Keynesian (or spend, spend, spend) …. might I add, (print, print, print). And I don’t mean that we should whole hog supply side either. There has to be a balance. But those advising the President are all Keynesian or shall I even say it, all Goldman Sachs.

    So back to your premise that President Obama is being attacked because he is black (while many I agree are racist, especially the more vocal ones), it is because Americans (and Europeans I might add) want immediate gratification, and when they don’t get it …. well.


  3. I really like our President! I have found that under Republican Presidents, my life gets worse. Look at what happened to this country when GW took office. What was up with removing programs that Clinton put into place that helped get this country out of the deficit it was in? There was a master plan I am sure to put into place his Dad’s policies that did not occur because he was not re-elected. My life was good under President Clinton, and I flourished. Under President GW Bush I floundered. What most people forget as they blame Obama for the woes today, is that they were created by GW and it took 8 years for the nation to be where it was when Obama took over. It will not take overnight to fix 8 years of raping and pillaging. I hope that President Obama gets a second term for when you see what the Republicans are putting forth, if any of them were to win, then I think I would have to leave this sorry country!


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