“Thinking your day through”

Did you know that your thinking process can determine whether or not you will have a good day. If you think about bad stuff that happened in the past you will be angry all over; but if you have a flashback on something good or funny you will laugh and be happy all over. This has happened to everyone before, I’m positive. 🙂 

This brings me back to my other post I talked about moving on. When you have truly moved on those old things in the past wont bother you like they used to. This doesn’t mean that you have forgotten about them it means you have become a stronger person in Christ.If we would just stop thinking negative (this includes thinking about what people are saying about you) thoughts we would be happier for sure. 

Their are so many people out their that think that being happy a lot is a fantasy. It is not a fantasy its supposed to be everybody’s reality but the real question is will you let it be yours? As a matter of fact Pastor Joel Osteen, pastor at Lakewood Church in Houston Texas, just wrote a book about living happier 7 days a week so if you are having problems with living a happy life I advise you to buy this book.

The name of the book is Every Day A Friday and for more info just click on this line.


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