Your Perspective,Your Attitude, and Who You Hang Around With Part 2

Now days there is so much negativity around us its a shame! We need to be surrounding ourselves around people who speak positive things and who always hold there heads up. So many people speak negative things but when they get negative results their scratching their heads wondering how in the world they got something negative back. If you speak negativity and curse a lot you need to change your perspective. Don’t think of this as something that is telling you what to do and how to live your life think of this as advice.
I know some people go through things that makes smiling difficult but we all have to learn how to let things go and move on with our life. Holding on to thing sis like a poison venom that is killing us slowly. If you think that holding on to something makes you a stronger person then you’re thinking wrong. Life is too precious to hold on to something that happened 10 or 15 years ago. Instead of holding grudges we need to be forgiving each other and praying for each other. 
Society has made holding grudges a powerful thing but actually its ignorance sugarcoated.Holding grudges is all about our attitude and if you have a messed up attitude you are putting yourself on a hack of a ride. 
No one wants to hang around anyone who has a nasty and bitter attitude.
 Having a nasty attitude can make you have zero friends and you’ll end up being alone for the rest of your life. No matter what anyone says no wants to be alone and everybody needs somebody. So remember the next time you decide to throw a nasty attitude , people can stop talking to you and that’s not rude its just the fact that nobody wants to hand around negativity.          

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