Who do you hang around with?

Do you hang around with people who are lively or dead? No one wants anyone in their life who is always complaining about what they they don’t have or something that’s not going on right in their lives . Instead we should all be trying to hang around people who are constantly trying to push us to be the best we can be.

Also if you have a friend that talks so negative about you that you start to feel bad about yourself you need to remove them from your life and keep it moving, Life is to precious to have it filled with any kind of negativity. Most of the times people lives are so messed up not because of their decisions but because of who they let in their lives and associate with.

You can always find new friends just pray to God and ask him to send you some friends and trust that he will do it . Once you do that you will be surrounded by people that want to push you to be your best , not make you depressed, hopeless,etc.

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